FML, For Women With Periods
Emergency Kit Packaging





Did you know tampons and pads are charged sales tax because they are considered “luxury” items? Periods are certainly not a luxury and I’m sure every woman on the planet would agree. Recently, some companies have been stepping up against unfair pricing and making moves towards 
equal pricing for men’s and women’s items. Paying for tampons is a first world problem. But not all women live in the first world, and lack of access to menstrual products is a very real problem for women in less developed countries.

FML emergency kit would be provided to women at menstrual equity protests and other events related to female equality, as well as given out to women who cannot afford feminine hygieneproducts, as part of a charity project. It provides hygiene products and general productsthat women find useful during periods. These products can be related to the overall well-being of a woman, taking into consideration both physical and mental state of the woman’s body during menstruation.