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Changing The Fashion Mindset
Seam, Ethical Fashion Inspiration





Due to globalization and cheap labor abroad, new trends are becoming available at faster rates and are becoming more affordable. Young men and women in the US are not aware of impacts of consumerism, and end up with full wardrobes full of out of style clothes. They are forced to come
back into stores and buy new clothes every week or month, and update their wardrobes constantly.

Seam is a solution to the problem that comes in form of an app. It solves the problem from its core — by changing the way we interact with our clothes, and, ultimately, changing our mindset when it comes to fashion.

It helps each user to get inspired by the clothes they already own and find new ways to style these items. By seeing how other people wear things that you have in your wardrobe can motivate you to become more aware of the things you do own, which will eventually lead to less need in constant shopping and running after new trends.